EP 18: What to Expect during My Essential Rattlesnake Aversion Training in Tucson, AZ

Snake Safe Training in the Round

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The total number of dogs to expect in group training.
  • How long the training will take.
  • Why cooler temperatures are essential to dogs learning the scent of a rattlesnake during training.
  • What you will need to bring to the training.
  • Why you won’t need to schedule an annual “re-train” when you complete Web’s training.

Welcome to another episode of Free Range Dogs 

In this episode, Web talks about the rattlesnake aversion training that he has developed with over 40 years of experience working with dogs and being out in the field with rattlesnakes.  

Web’s Snake Safe training typically involves a group of 4-8 dogs and their owners. The dogs are trained collectively as a group. Although each dog gets individualized experiences for each of the layers of training based on their genetics and personality, a great deal of the learning occurs as dogs learn from each other.

As the most essential layer of the learning involves a dog learning the unique scent of a rattlesnake, the outside temperature and moisture level play an important part in the training. Therefore, as the days in southern Arizona get warmer and warmer, the training begins earlier in the day.  The most important criterion is how warm it is at the end of the training when the scent is introduced as the final layer of learning.

As a result, classes begin very early in the day, and are currently starting at 6:00 am but could be scheduled even earlier, or late at night. The size of the training group determines the approximate time the training takes. Generally speaking, a 4-dog group might take about 3 hours while an 8-dog group might take 4 ½ hours. 

Training is frequently held in a local community’s Sportsmen’s Warehouse parking lot. They may also be held in a community center or even a private home depending on if a dog owner schedules the training for their neighbors and friends, how many dogs are involved, and the location of the training if outside of an urban area. 

To schedule a Snake Safe rattlesnake aversion training, please contact Web Parton at 520-465-3460.  You may also email him via the FreeRangeDogs.com  website, or at web_parton@me.com


Web Parton talks about his Rattlesnake Aversion Training


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