EP 27: The Adventures of Abu Doggi in Seattle, WA

Sophie and Abu Doggi finally arrive in the USA

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Dogs can transform your life and help you through difficult times
  • A dog’s resiliency and ability to adapt is amazing
  • Connecting with your dog can heal both of you
  • How dogs can bring people together in unexpected ways
  • Love and attention are a huge factor in dog training

Welcome to another episode of Free Range Dogs

In this episode, Web speaks to his niece, Sophie Campbell, about her adventures as an active-duty Navy Officer nurse in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and how she came to find Abu Doggi, her beloved canine companion.

When Sophie arrived in Bahrain, one of the first things she noticed was the number of apparently pure-bred dogs, such as Irish setters, Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, Great Danes, poodles, and Shih Tzus abandoned and living on the streets (along with more typical street dogs).  Working in the only American military medical facility in the Persian Gulf region, she later learned that these dogs had been abandoned when the personnel at the medical facility were evacuated due to a dangerous threat in the past.

Abu Doggi, a poodle/ Shih Tzu mix, was found in a tied-up trash bag on the street with several other puppies, of whom only she and another dog survived. After the dog’s brief stay with another nurse, Sophie came to have her when the nurse’s time in Bahrain came to an end. Sophie cleaned her up, named her Abu Doggie, and they instantly became close companions. Both Abu and Sophie proved themselves to be very resilient and resourceful in their struggles to adapt to life in Bahrain and to find their way home to the United States. 

Sophie describes her experiences navigating another culture with very different ideas regarding the role of a dog in one’s life. As she lived off-base, she was able to cultivate experiences with local Bahrainians who supported her and Abu, making it possible for her dog to enjoy life while she was working very stressful and intense 12-hour days miles away.  Of particular delight to the locals was the name, Abu, she gave to her dog- she eventually learned that Abu means “son” and Abu is a very girly dog, always wearing pink. Sophie said it was divine intervention that brought Abu into her life and made it possible for her to endure her time so far away from home.

Sophie eventually made it back home to her fiancée and current husband, along with Abu Doggi.  They take her with them everywhere they go in their very active and outdoor life: hiking, backpacking, sailing, flying, traveling. Abu Doggi’s adventures can be found on her Instagram page.


Sophie Campbell and Abu Doggi

Instagram:  abu_doggi