EP 29: Dogs, Falcons, and the Free Range Dog Lifestyle in Montana

Dave Allen with his Free Range falcon and dog

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The rewards and the costs of living a Free Range Dog lifestyle
  • The relationship between a falcon and a falconer
  • The deep connections that can develop between a human and their animals in nature
  • How to hunt birds with a falcon and a dog working together
  • Observable negative changes in nature and the environment during one’s lifetime and a belief that the earth can heal itself over time

Welcome to another episode of Free Range Dogs

In this episode, Web speaks with Dave Allen, a professional wildlife photographer, falconer, and dog lover who divides his time between Sierra Vista, Arizona, and Montana. 

Dave talks about growing up where the culture regarding dogs was that they lived separately in outdoor quarters and were considered tools for hunting.  As an adult, meeting and hunting with Web transformed his view of dogs who now live in the house with him and his wife and are an important part of the family.

As a wildlife photographer, he has spent much of his life in the outdoors, living a Free Range Dog lifestyle outside of normal conventions. He and Web speak about the rewards and also the trade-offs of living this type of life, in the wild and at home with his dogs and with his falcons.

Dave has raised, trained, and hunted with falcons for over 30 years. He shares interesting information about different types of birds of prey, and how they work with and interact with him and his dogs when bird hunting.  How each bird has a unique personality, just like people and dogs, and how some exceptional ones have enriched his life. 

The conversation ends on a philosophical and spiritual note, discussing the changes both Dave and Web have experienced during their lifetimes in the wild world with declining bird populations and habitat, and their hopes for positive change and healing in the future.


Dave Allen