EP 32: New Adventures with Free Range Dogs in the Pacific Northwest

Free Range Dogs on the CoastWhat you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Upcoming Changes to Free Range Dogs
  • Continuing Dog Training and Support for Free Range Dogs
  • Exciting future addition of Porcupine Aversion Training to protect your dog from pain and injury
  • Look for short Free Range Dogs videos in the future
  • New adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to another episode of Free Range Dogs

In this brief final episode of the Free Range Dogs podcast, Web speaks with his wife, Nicole, about their upcoming move to the Pacific Northwest. They will continue with Free Range Dogs training and support and will be adding Web’s innovative Porcupine Aversion training for dogs to protect them from a very common danger in the Pacific Northwest. Although the podcast will be coming to an end, the website resources and blogging will continue, and look in the near future for short videos on Free Range Dogs and the Free Range Dogs lifestyle.

As always, please reach out to Web for any questions dog related at info@freerangedogs.com or give him a call at 520-465-3460. He is available for rattlesnake aversion training, free range dogs training, and will soon be offering porcupine aversion training. Stay Tuned for new adventures!


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