EP 4 : Connecting with Dogs in SLC, UT with Jan Perkins and Kelsey Larsen

Jan Perkins + Kelsey Larsen

What you’ll learn about connecting with your dog- the essential foundation of dog training:

  • Dogs are different from humans- you need to understand and live in your dog’s world to be effective in connecting and training with him
  • Different dog breeds were bred for different purposes- dogs need to be given “jobs” to do to be happy and need varying amounts of space, time, and activity
  • The importance of considering your lifestyle before bringing home a dog to ensure it will be a good match for your family: your home and yard, family, age of children, available time, interests and activities, and expectations
  • It is possible to develop the ability to “read” your dog and connect
  • Dogs, like humans, require love to bond with you and is essential for training

Welcome to another episode of Free Range Dogs Podcast

In this episode, Web is speaking with Jan Perkins who owns Live Oaks Dog Obedience in Bluffdale, Utah. Jan has been training dogs for over 45 years and offers dog obedience, behavior modification, manners, agility, rally, and scent training. Joining the conversation is Jan’s daughter, Kelsey, who has inherited the love of animals she does agility training with her Corgi and trains barrel horses to compete in the local rodeo circuit.

Jan describes her childhood, saying she was blessed with parents who allowed her to have any animal she wanted which included raccoons, crows, sheep, owls, cats, dogs, and horses. She learned to appreciate these animals for who they are and learned to communicate with them and read them through their behaviors. She did not try to change any of them to be more like her, which is a lesson she has carried with her throughout her career.

Both Jan and Web emphasize the importance of understanding dogs and their culture as essential to successful connections with and training dogs. Primary to this is the understanding that dogs make sense of their world through scent.

Dogs can sense how their owners feel and are impacted by that, which is why it is essential to feel relaxed prior to engaging in a training session with your dog. It’s important to have a sense of humor and to realize that training is a shared experience, the goal is not to have absolute control over your dog.

Creating a strong, intimate bond with your dog is the result of living with and loving your dog who will love you in return.  This bond is the connection that will make training as successful and smooth as possible. There is no substitution for this connection.  This connection will make it possible to develop your dog to be a Free Range Dog, off-leash and hiking in the outdoors.

You’ll enjoy this episode about understanding dog culture and the importance of creating a deep and loving relationship with your dogs in SLC, Utah. Learn from dog trainers who understand and love dogs and know that dogs are gifts in our lives.

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