EP 5: Learning to Use a Rope to Free your Dog in Tucson, AZ

About a Rope

What you’ll learn about training your dog to safely run free in open country:

  • The difference between using a leash and using a rope when dog training
  • What a check cord is and how to make one
  • How to use a check cord to train your dog to be a Free Range Dog
  • What is a dog’s primary and most important job 
  • “Cutting the cord” and letting your dog run free in safe areas

Welcome to another episode of Free Range Dogs Podcast

In this episode, Web talks about one of the most fundamental and important tools in dog training: the rope.  Building on previous episodes that discussed the importance of connecting with your dog, he explains that a rope is an extension of that connection.

For many people, using a leash is a fundamental experience with their dog. Web explains that the tension between the end the human holds and the connection to the collar on the dog’s neck is like an electrical conduit that transfers your thoughts and feeling to your dog.  When using a leash, you are in control.

By contrast, when using a check cord, the dog is in control. Web explains that using a check cord in training with your dog serves as a bridge to the next step which would be allowing your dog to run free in a safe environment.

A check cord is a very long, 8-foot to possibly as long as 20-foot, very stiff rope that is attached to the dog’s collar. Using the proper type of very stiff rope that will not get caught up in bushes nor attract cacti or seedheads, a check cord will allow a dog “some rope” to run but also allow you to stop him as needed by stepping on the rope or to pull him to you. Additionally, a check cord can be coiled up and used as a leash, when needed, with a length of 6-8 feet. Wearing gloves is recommended.

Web discusses where you can find a suitable rope to make a check cord, how to attach it to your dog with a snap, and how to “season” it to make it as stiff as possible.  

This episode also discusses the benefits of using a GPS collar to keep track of your dog during the process of Free Range Dog training, and examples of good types of locations to do your training experiences.

As always, Web is available for online consultations and in-person training sessions. Please go to https://freerangedogs.com for scheduling.


Web Parton:  https://freerangedogs.com