Perimeter Report from the Big Yellow Dog in Oracle, AZ

Securing the Perimeter


Morning Perimeter Report

Good morning, Big Yellow Dog here reporting for perimeter duty.  Both the girl dog and I were ready at dawn, but the humans lingered in their sleeping chamber.  I suspect they may have been feigning sleep in an attempt to stall the important work of property patrol.  I can not be sure.  In an effort to acquire breakfast and jumpstart the morning’s events, I did attempt to slide onto the edge of the bed, for which I was immediately rebuffed, which seems to confirm my suspicions.

The female human is much like the girl dog, who tends to be quick to snarl when on the edge of sleep.  I must be cautious with the female human while in the sleeping chamber because her reproach can be swift and unexpected.

We were hopeful once they awoke, but then again, they lingered with their morning porridge on the big soft chair.  We tried to motivate them.  I squeezed between them on the chair in an attempt to accelerate their departure. They tolerated the incursion, but did not leave the chair.  My efforts were to no avail.

By the time we were fully accessorized and bouncing at the door waiting to begin the perimeter search, I feared that the squirrels must have already raided the feeder.  Through malingering and pure sloth, our chance to rout the scraggly-tailed invaders had been lost.

Once the door was opened we quickly exited the building.  The patrol commenced on the western edge of the property. I ran the road to the bottom while the girl dog cut through the brush on the side hill attempting to intercept the quail covey en route to the feeder.  She did not locate them on the first pass, but was able to intercept them when she doubled back on the lower elevation of the side hill.  The cowards took flight en masse and evacuated the area.  It was the first contact of the morning.

We conducted a thorough search of the lower ground at the bottom of the canyon.  I took the opportunity to overwrite the scent messages the coyote and fox had left along the lower road.  Both the girl dog and myself could scent where the pigs had already been through this morning.  I followed their musk.  I scented hoof tracks on the side hill and inspected their route thoroughly. We had been released too late to rout them from the property. They will no doubt return due to our lack of adequate response.

The only other contact of the morning perimeter patrol was the rabbit who likes to linger under one of the boat trailers. I caught his movement as he faded back into the brush and both the girl dog and myself sent him packing.

That concludes the report for this morning.  As in previous reports, I must emphasize that additional dog treats could greatly enhance the effectiveness of this important work.  I will nap now and prepare for a better showing for tomorrow morning.  This is the Big Yellow Dog signing off on the morning perimeter patrol report.