Quality Rattlesnake Aversion Training is NOT on the Fast Food Menu in Phoenix, AZ

Effective Quality Dog Training takes time- it isn’t cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all

There are practical things to consider when scheduling a rattlesnake aversion training session. A common question I hear is, “Why does the training take so long?” In our highly scheduled and demanding world in which people have jobs and appointments to get to,  scratching this essential dog training session off the list is more convenient when it can easily be squeezed into a busy day. And when you consider the fact that there are some trainers out there who can schedule people and their dogs in for a 15 minute training session, I can understand why I get this question. Why does my Snake Safe training session take so much longer- on average for a 4-8 dog group- about 3- 4 hours?

The bigger question is: which is more effective at protecting your dog (and yourself) from a rattlesnake bite, and why?  There are some rattlesnake aversion trainers who routinely schedule a large number of dogs in for 15 minute slots, and then schedule them for annual or semi-annual “re-trains” or “re-checks”.  Twice as many dogs or more can be scheduled into a one-size-fits-all training session which may be 3 hours long total for the trainer, but for the individual customers and their dogs is a quick 15 minutes, in and out, along with the annual recommended re-trains. In the same time it takes me to train 4-8 dogs, they are able to do 12 or more.  As a business model, I am sure this is more profitable than my methods, and also less time-consuming. However, it doesn’t work.

In contrast, as a training model, the Snake Safe model I have developed over many years builds on layer upon layer of associations for your dog. I train dogs in a group, which allows them to learn from each other and provides a more intense learning experience.  In my training, scent is the foundation of the learning, but sight and sound are also layered in. The training is tailored to the genetics of your dog. Additionally, as your dog’s handler you are also participating in the training and will learn essential things such as how your dog will react when scenting a rattlesnake. Dogs, like people, react in different ways. Some dogs have dramatic reactions and others have very subtle reactions. By learning about your dog’s reaction, you will be sensitive to his response and this will likely protect him and yourself, whether you are out on the trail hiking or you have an unwanted reptilian visitor in your backyard.

Now, there is a lot to be said for expediency.  It can be challenging to find 3-4 hours to fit into your schedule for a dog training session. I appreciate that you need to be able to fit this into your schedule and that a 15-minute time slot is appealing if that is a qualifying factor for you. We can all appreciate that there are multiple choices in this world to fit everyone’s needs.

However, if you can find the time and are looking for a proven training method to keep you and your dog safe, I will do the best I know how to provide that for both of you. No, this training does not take 15 minutes, and will require a bigger sacrifice of your time. However, your dog will be thoroughly trained according to his genetics for his LIFETIME.   No “re-training” or “re-checks” are necessary.  And, at the end of the training, you will be able to watch your dog react to the scent of  a rattlesnake- and that can be priceless.

For more information about rattlesnake aversion training, and Free Range Dog training, please refer to my website:  freerangedogs.com   There are other blogs and podcasts found there that delve into this training and its demonstrated success on a more comprehensive level.  Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or to schedule a training session.