"Web Parton is very knowledgeable and sensitive to providing the best of his services to his clientele, human and canine." - Lisa Benz | That Dane Bar


"Web Parton is an amazing dog trainer. He has been working with my clients doing rattlesnake avoidance training for over 20 years. He is incredibly thorough and will not stop working with your dog until he knows your dog is totally trained by using the sight, sound, and smell of a rattlesnake. Web encourages dogs’ owners to be very involved in the training, ensuring that they see and experience and will therefore recognize their dog’s reactions when coming upon a rattlesnake. Multiple clients who have later come upon a rattlesnake avoided damage or a bite due to the training. Web not only trains your dogs but is also a wealth of knowledge for you about detecting rattlesnakes and their behavior. Web always takes the time to thoroughly answer all questions his clients might ask him. I highly recommend his training and have never found anyone to compare to his training and experience working with dogs." - Jan Perkins | Live Oak Dog Obedience

"Luna, our mixed Lab breed at one year of age was very energetic and excitable. We were having difficulties taking her for her much needed walks as she pulled on the leash, barked at people, and pulled out of her collar. Yes, it was getting more and more difficult to feel any control of her. She also had a very bad habit of running full force at anyone entering our front door and jumping up.  We arranged a lesson with Web Parton, knowing Luna needed some training. Turns out, we needed more training than Luna! Web has a great sense of what a dog needs from its family.  While working with Luna, we discovered that we were confusing her rather than helping her to understand what it was that we expected from her. Armed with the understanding that Luna wanted to please us, Web guided us in using consistent, appropriate language and signs that Luna quickly learned and followed. Honestly, after that one eye opening lesson, Luna is now a joy to walk. She is now enjoying frequent walks and feeling our calm demeanor, instead of the nervous anticipation prior to our time with Web. We are very grateful to Web's intuitive ways and his ability to create a special understanding between human and dog." - The Benson Family | Garden Grove, CA


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