Training your dogs to Scent what they can’t See: Rattlesnake Aversion Training in Arizona and Utah

I open most of my Snake Safe (rattlesnake aversion) classes by telling my folks, “I’m going to tell you something and you won’t believe it until you watch it today. Rattlesnakes are invisible to dogs.” That is a simple declarative statement, yet people don’t really grasp that I mean that literally.  A rattlesnake can be on the ground...


EP10: Dogs, Wrestling Rattlesnakes and Scorpions navigating by the stars: Mysteries of the World Around us in Apache Junction, Arizona

What you’ll learn in this episode: Differences in how people, dogs, and other creatures, such as rattlesnakes, sense and perceive their world How these differences impact our perceptions of behaviors, and thus our reactions to the behaviors of other creatures How modern developments in technology have changed our perceptions of the behaviors and thinking...